CISV Austria has tragically lost one of its main personalities! “All my bags are packed …” Good-bye, Walter Ring.

The Board of CISV Austria is sad to inform you that one of our most legendary members unexpectedly passed away last Sunday. Walter Ring, you’ve gone far too early.

Walter Ring

Walter Ring, 1961-2021

Walter joined CISV in late 1997 in Vienna, as father of a Village participant, and got “hooked” during the following years, as his daughter continued attending Interchanges. Almost naturally he became responsible for the Interchange programmes of CIS Austria 1999, courageously filling a sudden vacancy. From this time on, he always was an active member of the national and international CISV family.
He held several positions, from national Interchange coordinator, Youth Meeting coordinator to the President of Chapter Vienna, being very active in bringing Vienna up again after a massive breakdown, later on switching to Chapter Graz and being very active in this Chapter. Internationally he was known as Austria’s NA Secretary from 2011 to 2019 as well as Chapter Graz’ Secretary as well as Risk Manager since 2017.
Together with Zita he shaped CISV Austria and especially the Chapters Graz and Vienna to a great extent. Generations of CISV families at home and abroad know Walter & Zita as they hosted many CISV Camps and engaged in numerous international activities. They were rarely seen without wearing a CISV T-Shirt.
We knew Walter not only as very fond of CISV, very keen in bringing this organization forward, but as well as the one who lend a hand when it came to IT, cooking, music, taking pictures at our camps or organizing stuff. His experience was very much appreciated by CISV friends and families. Do you know “Walter’s songbook”? He laid the foundation to what is sung on a very lot of programmes during lullabies, bringing famous music to the ears of generations.
A man is not dead while his name is still spoken. Or his music is sung.

Walter, you will always be remembered in our big CISV family all around the globe!

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We'll say a last farewell together.

We'll say a last farewell together.