EJBEAM – Details and Answers

Arrival on the campsite
  • JBer expected to arrive on the 13th no later than 5 p.m. CET
  • NARs expected to arrive on the 14th no later than 2 p.m. CET
Departure from the campsite
  • on the 18th right after breakfast
We are calculating sharp to keep costs as low as possible but are insecure as to how many participants we will see. Therefore:
  • NARs: EUR 190,-
  • JB: EUR 180,-
When 35 NARs or more and 90 JBer or more attend, we reduce fees by 5,- EUR
last mile: 15 minutes walk to the Campsite
train lines direction Hollabrunn
  • S3 every hour at XX:27 from "Wien Hbf" (Vienna main station) or XX:33 from "Wien Mitte" station
  • REX-3 every half-hour at XX:20 and XX:50 from "Wien Hbf" or XX:26 and XX:56 from "Wien Mitte"
You will have to be vaccinated against Corona to attend EJBEAM 2022! If there is documented reason for this being impossible, please do get in touch with the Staff Team at their contact eMail address. You will have to arrive with an officially confirmed negative Corona test (PCR not older than 48 hours; Antigen not older than 24 hours).

Registration and Fees

How do I register for the event?
Simply by using the registration form on our event page here.
Note, that JBers need to apply as per the application rounds defined by the EJB Team. Get in touch with your NJR about this.
What registration platform is used?
We use the CISV International website platform for registration. We do not used the formerly known registration tool for CISV RTFs and Events ("certain").
Am I immediately accepted after registration?
No. You will receive an eMail approving or rejecting your registration. Remember, registration of JB must follow the application rounds set out by the EJB Team.
How much will I have to pay in the end?
NARs and members of CISV International (Governing Board, IO, Committees, Regional Teams) need to pay the NAR fee.
JBers need to pay the JB fee.
How am I to pay the fee?
Please, transfer the fee to the following bank account:

IBAN AT642011128325881200

If required by your bank, find the recipient's complete address below!

Upon foreign money transfer, you will have to ensure that the sum transferred is such that our account receives the set fee in currency EUR. Any bank fees or transfer expenses need to be added respectively. Get in touch with your NA's treasure for help with that. Make sure you put your name and "EJBEAM" with the transfer.

Recipient's complete address:
CISV Austria
Registration No. ("ZVR-Zahl"): 247767556
Street: Gruendbergstrasze 27
City: Linz
Zip: 4040
Country: Austria
When will I have to pay the fee?
Immediately after your registration has been confirmed by the staff. No cash payment will be accepted on the campsite. No late transfer will be accepted. We can only accept participants whom we received the fee from on our account. Make sure you put your name and "EJBEAM" with the transfer.
How will you know that I have payed?
We will ask you at check-in to present the transfer confirmation from your bank. So, be sure to have that ready. You can send it by eMail in advance, if you want to.
Will I need extra money for ... ?
Yes. For Austrian public transport. And for your Campshop, of course.
Will I be able to pay cash?
Not the fee. The campshop: yes.
What is the latest possible date for registration?
We do not care as long as you are able to manage to register, receive approval yb time, pay the fee, fill and submit all necessary forms and book your travel right on time. Don't be too late with any of these actions.
What is the minimum number of attendees?
This is very hard to tell as we have two different price levels. The more from the one, the less from the other. If we undergo the 35/90 (NAR/JB) attendee threshold significantly, CISV Austria will have to pay for the event. We are hoping for support by the EMEA Fund in this case. Nevertheless, we will for sure have to cancel the event if less than 25 NARs register.
What is the Cancellation Deadline?
If you cancel at or before February 27th, 2022, payed fees will be refunded to the respective bank account 100%.

If after this date we, CISV Austria, need to cancel the event for any valid reason, your EJBEAM fees will still be refunded 100%.

If after Feb 27th, 2022, you need to cancel for any reason, you will have to pay the fee all the same.

Travel cost or any other additional fee on top of the EJBEAM fee will never be refunded.

Travel to and from the Event

What is the best way to travel to the event?
By train (for sustainability reasons, to begin with). (Night) trains are offered between Vienna Main Station ("Wien Hbf") and several European cities. "Wien Hbf" is the perfect stop for onward travel to the Campsite (or any destination upon departure).
Where can I check Austrian trains?
Austrian Railway "ÖBB" offers a website with a search engine for trains. The Nightjet page offers information about ÖBB night trains across Europe.
If I have to fly, how do I get around?
Austrian Railway "ÖBB" offers Railjet trains ("RJ" or "RJX"), City Airport Trains ("CAT") and the "S-Bahn" (S7) from/to Vienna International Airport (VIE). RJ, RJX and CAT are fast trains. RJ and RJX take you to Vienna Main Station only. CAT takes you to station "Wien Mitte"; S7 is slower, takes you also to station "Wien Mitte" but with easy short-way connection trains to the campsite. Be sure to look for S3 or REX-3 (direction: Hollabrunn) at "Wien Mitte" (see travel hints above on this page).
What is the airport code for flight bookings?
I need a VISA for Austria? How do I get one?
Get in touch with the staff team and ask them for the Visa application form. You will receive a form to fill including instructions which explain the details. YOu will have to return the form filled and signed and will then have to wait to receive your Visa application code. So, beu sure to start this process early.
I do not need a Visa but only an Invitation Letter for crossing borders. How can I get one?
Get in touch with the staff team and share your name and passport number with them. You'll then receive the letter with your data and signed by us.
For which countries are there Covid-related travel restrictions to Austria?
For any travel restrictions other than Covid-based, please check with your Chapter or NA Risk Manager. For Covid-related travel restrictions to Austria which we know of, we are providing support in section "Covid-safety" below.
This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. Neither CISV (International nor Austria) nor the staff team nor any CISV body shall be held liable for the information given here.

Travel Insurance and risk-based cancellation

When is the latest possible date EJBEAM may have to be cancelled?
This cannot be foreseen. We are assessing the risk situation (at least!) on a monthly basis. However, even with the best assessment, a change of situation can cause last-minute cancellation. We're still in a pandemic!
Does the CISV Travel and Medical Insurance apply?
No. This insurance automtically only applies for official International CISV programmes.
Can I book optional insurance coverage?
Yes. To do so follow this page, please. However, the CISV Insurance does not cover for Covid-related cancellations.
Do you reimburse travel cost when the event has to be cancelled?
Do you reimburse travel cost when I cannot attend because of changing travel restrictions?
Should I book a travel insurance myself?
Yes. We definitely advise to do so.

Covid safety, Forms and my data

When will Corona rules be final?
Never, unfortunately. We will need to adapt this section and according information as per changing regulations in our country. And we do apologize for any inconvenience from this.
Covid vaccines and tests - what are the rules?
In these times it is difficult to have rules in place that early, since we do not know how the situation will be at the time of the event. Covid rules for Austria can change anytime. We are doing our best to set rules to allow attending the event for as many as possible. We are at the same time bound by pandemic laws possibly being adapted per the development of the pandemic. The staff team will update and change the requirements accordingly. Watch out for our Info in the upcoming Infopacks.
Covid Rules and Regulations for the Event:
You have to be fully vaccinated. This currently means
a) having at least 2 shots of a corona vaccine that is authorised by the European Commission, the last shot being given no longer than 180 days before the 18th of April (i.e.: at or after 22.10.2021)
b) having another shot ("booster") of a corona vaccine that is authorised by the European Commission being given no longer than than 180 days before the 18th of April (i.e.: at or after 22.10.2021) and a tleast 120 days after the shot before
Authorised vaccines are:
  • BioNTech Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (only 1 shot no longer)
We will ask proof of the vaccination.
In addition, you will have to present an officially confirmed negative Corona test (PCR not older than 48 hours; Antigen not older than 24 hours) upon arrival.
In case of questions, please do get in touch with us.
Where is my registration data stored?
Your data is stored in the CISV International website platform. The platform is secured and covered by the CISV International Privacy Policy. For approval of registration and for the management of the event, data will be shared with the home staff, facilitators, the NAR Beamers and the EJB Team. Data will only be shared via secure CISV platforms.
What forms do I have to fill and how?
After successful registration and approval of the same, you will be assigned to the event on myCISV. For filling your forms, sign in to myCISV, find the event in My Programmes and check the "Forms" tile on the Programme Overview page for the forms to fill. Help for myCISV can be found here.
Which countries have Covid-related travel restrictions at the moment?
To support you, we are listing countries here which we know of having additional travel restrictions to Austria. We strongly advise to consult your responsible CISV Risk Manager about any relevant travel information for Austria.

Travelling into Austria directly from one of the below listed countries is forbidden unless you are
- an Austrian citizen,
- a citizen of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA or EWR) or Switzerland
- permanently living in the EU or EEA or Switzerland

As of Jan 24th until further notice, NO COUNTRY is listed in this category.

In the event of coming from one of the listed countries and falling under the exceptions above, (at the moment) you would have to quarantine for 10 days and released only after 5 days given a Corona test proves negative.

This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. Neither CISV (International nor Austria) nor the staff team nor any CISV body shall be held liable for the information given here.

Further details to come!

Be prepared for

  • more info about Corona testing options in and around Vienna (for now, this link gives some hints)
  • your staff presented
  • your facilitators showed off
  • international guests announced
  • more party info
  • content agenda
  • bill of material for facilitators to fill
  • … and much much more